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Road Closure Notice-Wenzel Road

     24th Street/Wenzel Road will be closed for a few months to accommodate construction improvements. The road will be closed from Chartres Street in La Salle to the east of Faith Church in Peru, where Wenzel Road becomes a three-lane road. Faith Church, 800 Wenzel Road, will remain open to traffic. The exact length of time the street will remain closed will be weather dependent during construction.

The Detective Division under the command of Detective Commander Dennis Hocking and includes multiple functions that complement not only each other, but also serve to complement, assist, and support the Patrol Division of the Department. The units within the Division include the following:

  • Detective Sergeant
  • General Assignment Detective
  • Special Investigations Unit Detective
  • Inventory/Evidence/Property Custodians/Patrol support

In addition to normal tasks and caseloads assigned to the Detectives, each is assigned an alternate specialty in the area of criminal investigations. These specialties include Criminal Intelligence, Computer Crimes, and Child Exploitation/Pornography.

The Evidence/Property Custodian function is a multi-facetted one; the responsibility for maintaining integrity of all found items or submitted evidence is combined with the coordination of future investigative, crime lab submission or court related needs. Given all variables involved, we continually strive in advance to be prepared to deal with an unlimited array of items.